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Road Freight Clearance

We are providing import and export clearance services in all major UK points of arrival and border crossings.

Upon the UK's exit from the European Union and its customs territory, a consequential shift was observed in customs clearance, primarily gravitating towards the road freight clearance, colloquially known as RoRo (Roll On Roll Off) clearance service. This significant paradigm shift has given birth to an entirely new and thriving market for customs clearance services, with an array of beneficial implications that have largely contributed to its accelerated success.

Historically, when the UK enjoyed the benefits of being part of the EU customs territory, the free movement of goods was a given. The most prevalent system of customs clearance for goods imported from third countries revolved around the concept of temporary storage. This meant that goods were required to be included in the inventory of a designated customs location prior to being permitted for release. However, the formidable task of managing cross-border trade in the aftermath of Brexit necessitated the formulation of a new, more efficient system. Consequently, the Border Operating Model was introduced, where a significant volume of trade was configured to flow through a pre-lodgement model.

Within this new framework, the Goods Vehicle Movement System (GVMS), managed and administered by HMRC, has evolved to become the largest operator of non-inventory linked customs clearance facilities. This system ensures that import and export clearance declarations will be linked to GVMS, effectively initiating or completing journeys to and from the UK, thereby overseeing and ensuring the smooth progression of such movements.

Under the new Border Operating Model, customs declarations for goods travelling through RoRo locations must be pre-lodged in advance of their arrival. From January 2022, all goods must be either pre-lodged for RoRo traffic or travel via inventory linked locations where they fall under customs control and are kept in temporary storage until they have been cleared. GVMS – government system of inventory control for movement of goods allowing businesses to reduce the cost they will otherwise incur by travelling through containerised maritime locations.


We can manage your declarations and provide speedy clearance services to meet the highest demand for speed and accuracy. A timing slot for your clearance is established at the outset and even when the border is close to the shipping location, we meet the most stringent requirements for speed and quality.

One of the chief selling points of road clearance services is their considerable financial appeal, primarily due to their cost-effectiveness compared to other modes of transport. The pre-lodgement model for road clearance allows for the pre-validation of documentary compliance requirements, ensuring a seamless flow of cross-border movements. The implication of sending goods without a pre-lodged declaration could result in unexpected hiccups, especially in instances where there may be special requirements for entering goods into the UK, unanticipated by traders.

Tevolution Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services in this domain. As part of our service, we offer initial pre-validation, providing additional benefits for importers or exporters at no additional cost. Road freight clearance, regardless of whether it's outbound or inbound, necessitates a systematic approach from importers and exporters. Tevolution Ltd is fully equipped and adept at offering customs clearance services, safety, and security declarations, ensuring compliant movements. They also provide GMR service and IPAFFS pre-notifications to freight carriers.

Data exchange, with a focus on timeliness and accuracy, is an essential cog in the wheel for smooth customs clearance. Tevolution Ltd expects to receive the necessary data prior to the departure or arrival of goods and takes on the responsibility of submitting this data on behalf of their clients.

Our consultants will identify your products, taxes and duties associated with them in advance of their arrival and will inform you if goods are requiring any additional documents and certificates. This ensures that there are no delays and that goods are getting cleared quickly, avoiding any potential setbacks.

There are number of special requirements for food and products of animal origin travelling to the UK from European Union. We can additionally provide IPAFFS notifications for your food products in combination with providing customs declaration. This will ensure your speedy and uninterrupted supply of perishable and other time sensitive products.


The process of onboarding clients for road freight customs clearance initiates with a discovery call to understand the requirements. Following this, once the terms are agreed upon, an appointment letter from the client, signed by a director actively listed in the Companies House register, is required.

As a specialist in customs compliance and clearance service, Tevolution Ltd prides itself on focusing on quality rather than volume. We are fully comprehend the time-sensitive nature of the business and address this by ensuring timely preparation and meticulous gathering of information.

To facilitate hauliers in meeting many transport regulations and requirements, they are able to concentrate on their part of responsibilities, leaving customs clearance related matters in the capable hands of Tevolution Ltd. As part of our commitment to nurturing a green transition, Tevolution Ltd offers to create emission trading credits to help you meet your environmental goals at no extra charge.

Prospective clients can reach out to Tevolution Ltd via email or directly schedule a meeting on our website. During these meetings, clients are free to ask any questions. While an initial consultation is provided free of charge, for more complex situations requiring dedicated time and expertise, Tevolution Ltd offers a consultancy service. This service is based on a daily or hourly rate, depending on the nature and extent of the required assistance. The prices reflect the commitment to quality, the specialist expertise offered, and the time dedicated. Thus, Tevolution Ltd ensures that every client's needs are met with utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

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