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Sea Freight Clearance

As a leading UK Customs Clearance Agent, we are providing import and export clearance services in all major UK Seaports.

In today’s globalised world, sea freight plays a vital role in the international trade landscape. The intricate process of clearing goods through customs for import or export via sea freight can often be complex and daunting. At Tevolution Ltd, we specialise in simplifying this process, offering comprehensive sea freight customs clearance services to ensure your goods move smoothly and efficiently.

Sea freight offers a cost-effective solution for transporting large volumes of goods, especially for long-distance trade. With the highest capacity of all transport modes, it's ideal for businesses looking to ship bulky items or large quantities. Moreover, with advancements in containerisation, goods of all kinds can be transported safely and securely.

Our team of experienced customs agents handles all aspects of sea freight customs clearance. We navigate the intricacies of customs regulation, paperwork, and payment of duties, providing a seamless service to our clients.

Import & Export Declarations

We handle all necessary paperwork for the import and export of your goods, ensuring they comply with both domestic and international customs regulations.

Classification & Valuation

We assist in classifying goods correctly according to the Harmonised System (HS) code and ensuring accurate valuation for precise duty calculation.

Customs Clearance & Consultancy

We provide advice on customs requirements, tariff concessions, free trade agreements, and other means to optimise your customs duty.

Origin Requirements

We will evaluate and explain to you the requirements for meeting non-preferential and preferential rules of origin applied to your import or export.

Liaising with Government Agencies

We maintain constant communication with customs and other government bodies to ensure your goods are cleared swiftly and without hassle.

Initial Consultation

We start with a discussion to understand your specific needs and expectations.

Receipt of Documentation

We receive shipping documentation, bill of lading, vessel information, and booking information.

Documentation Review

Our experts review all shipping documents to ensure they meet customs requirements.

At Tevolution Ltd, we value transparency

Our customs clearance process includes:

Submission of Declarations

We handle the filing of necessary customs declarations on your behalf.

Duty Payment

We calculate and facilitate the payment of any due customs duties and taxes.

Release of Goods

Once all formalities are completed, your goods are cleared for pickup or delivery.

Most of the goods arriving to UK Seaports (except for RoRo) are held in temporary storage, same as airline arrivals and departures. However, unlike airline arrivals, they need to be identified by UK Customs Clearance Agent first to match your goods and information entered in the manifest.  Your agent needs to receive information about the incoming consignment to identify and clear your goods in time on your behalf.

We can provide you access to most busy seaport hubs in UK in order to facilitate seamless movement of your container arrivals and departures.


Security and other fees can be levied on containerised goods arriving through seaports by port authorities or government agencies. Please check websites of relevant ports or community service providers or ask us for further details. If we will pay any tax or duty on our client’s behalf, we will charge a disbursement fee on the amount of tax being paid. This charge will not apply in case where our client holds a deferment account. Please apply to Deferment Account to reduce your cost if you have not done this yet.


At Tevolution Ltd, we value transparency

Unlike non-inventory linked customs locations such as those connected via the Goods Vehicles Movement System (GVMS), all sea ports usually (with some exceptions for RoRo movements) require an agent to have access to the sea port inventory system. It is worth clarifying with your transporter and your customs clearance agent whether the agent has access to the expected port of arrival's inventory. This will avoid unnecessary delays, as without access to particular ports' inventory, an agent will not be able to clear the goods.

Another consideration to make is ensuring your carrier will notify your sea freight clearance agent in the country of destination. You should not get an unexpected charge for customs clearance from your carrier or their dedicated agent, and your own agent should be able to self-nominate goods for customs clearance or have the goods nominated to them by the consolidator. This will help to avoid unexpected costs or increases in charges not previously disclosed to you or clarified.

Although you can load goods for export with fewer formalities, it doesn't mean the goods can be customs cleared without delay in the country of destination if there are special requirements, like health certificates or other product conformity requirements. Goods need to be accompanied by the right documents and certain government bodies need to be notified about the goods' arrival to book a time to carry out checks. To avoid unnecessary delays and the cost of storage or even seizure or destruction of goods, it is important to send product information to your agent prior to departure and ask the agent to screen your goods for compliance.

Our commitment to excellence, transparency, and personalised service sets us apart

Experienced Team

Our team of customs experts has years of experience in handling sea freight customs clearances, providing you with peace of mind.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Regulatory Compliance

Customised Service

We strive to clear your goods as quickly as possible while optimising costs through accurate classification and valuation.

We ensure your shipments comply with all local and international customs regulations, minimising the risk of delays or penalties.

We understand that each business has unique needs. That's why we offer personalised service tailored to your specific requirements.

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